Finally, PROOF that Google does, in fact, own Feedburner!

Maybe it was just denial that made me reject the reality of Google buying Feedburner, but as of today I guess I can no longer do this. It was real, it wasn’t a dream, the proof is in the pudding, as they say.

It looks like a large number of people today lost all Feedburner subscribers, in all of their blogs:

(Click image to enlarge.)

and all historical data as well:

(Click image to enlarge.)

To be fair, I did not check all bloggers out there, so maybe the number of sites affected isn’t as large as it looks like to me, and there is still the chance that they might recover. However, since Google is so completely obsessed with trying to make people believe they are justified with their bullshit paid links crusade, and since we all know the out of control spin that occurs when corporate priorities go out of whack, personally I’m not investing too much faith in this being a one time thing.

Google, can you honestly not hear the tone of the buzz about you in the industry these days? Is there no one in your company that can attest to what happens when you continually prioritize image above quality..?

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