Top 5 Reasons Why DazzlinDonna Is My Bestest Friend…

My quick tribute to DazzlinDonna.



Top 5 reasons why I call Donna my best friend, in reverse order:

5. Unlike any of my offline friends, she understands my agony when my rankings tank.

4. She appreciates the finer points of the art of true sarcasm.

3. Without her, I probably would have gone my whole life without ever knowing what “cracklins” were.

2. She can read my mind (which, actually, gets a teensy bit spooky at times).

1. She has no problem whatsoever telling me when I am flat out wrong about something, if she thinks it is in my best interest to be told (which, it usually is).


Honestly, I have no clue where I would be without her as a comrade today, nor would I care to find out. I am so glad I know her, and proud to list her as one of my closest friends. 🙂


This post is my entry to Problogger’s Top 5 Group Writing Project.
I particularly like the way Darren Rowse was able to work in a topic that could easily apply to bloggers across the whole spectrum with this one.


I plan to do quite a bit of delving into the various blogs that participate in this one over the next week. Should be a very interesting experience. 🙂

Be sure to check out Day 1 of the project to get a rundown on the progress so far.

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