My Friend Donna Fontenot Sure Is, Well… Different…

Louisiana Donna is definitely one of my bestest friends. She gets me, we think alike, and when I get stuck on an issue she’s always there to help me, even if it’s just moral support (although usually it’s in the form of information I need when my brain is just plain overloaded). I love her to death. Thing is, Donna is from Louisiana, and they don’t always do things in those parts in a way that I would call, um… normal.

For example, just today, Donna and I had the following conversation:

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Google Reconsideration Request Language Modified Again

Kudos goes out to Matt Cutts, again. 😀

The changes to the language in the Google Reconsideration Request (formerly known as the Reinclusion Request), that were discussed on SEO Scoop back on December 3rd and here on Smackdown again on the 18th, have finally gone through. Essentially, the changes have to do with

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Hey, Donna… Your Lips Tired Yet From Puckering That Long?

Donna, I admire you. You sure do have some stamina, the way you’ve had them Louisiana lips of yours puckered so firmly to Google’s evil ass this long.

I dumped text link ads. I nofollowed paid links. I javascripted links that might be mistaken for paid links. I canceled my sponsored review accounts. I switched to a different method of monetization (Scratchback) that serves Google-friendly, nofollowed links. (And btw, Google, that put a huge dent in my revenue, just so you know). – Donna Fontenot of

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Matt Cutts Comes Through! (Well, Mostly…)

Way to go, Matt! 😀

Although he said that it could take a while, it looks like the changes Matt mentioned he started the ball rolling on, that DazzlinDonna posted about back on Dec 3rd, “Admission of Guilt Will No Longer Be Required For Google Reconsideration Request“, have indeed gone through. For the most part, that is.

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