Games Google… And Wins!

I was reading a post by my bestest friend Donna talking about how the latest advertising campaign bombs out. Her article is concerning the buzz phrase that Ask is pushing with the campaign, “Search Better on”. She was getting a few referrals from the phrase [search better now], due to an old post of hers ranking fairly well for that on Ask. So, she looked around to see what else was ranking for that same phrase, and determined that the search results basically sucked. Her logic behind the post was that Ask should definitely have made sure that their search results for a phrase they were trying to make a buzz with should at least be returning relevant results, just in case it actually caught on.

I was looking at it, thinking, well, I’m sure it doesn’t matter either way… it’s not like anyone actually uses Ask… when it hits me. There is a little known phenomena with Google, where there are phrases which have tons of results that are returned when you search for them, but no actual competition. These phrases are easy to rank for, since no one else is actually targeting them, and being at #1 for them can be used to impress people who don’t actually understand how the Google algorithm works.

So, I pop on over to Google, type in [search better now], and lo and behold:

Slick, Ask, very slick. 😀

2 thoughts on “ Games Google… And Wins!”

  1. Nice cathc though I do agree with Donna – Ask should rank for that phrase on their own SE as well. I guess that was a bit too obvious for them? Or maybe Ask is so jacked up even they can’t figure it out…

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