Digg Flaw Gives Out Digg Login Info!

Let’s hear it for sensationalism! On Digg today, I came across the following headline: “Google Flaw Gives Out MySpace Login Info!”. It’s referring to an article by Loren Baker, and a story he wrote about how Google is collecting login information for other services without using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which would encrypt the data between the end user and Google’s servers, thus making it more secure.

Let’s ignore the fact that not using SSL is a far cry from actually giving away the information. The guy who posted this had to know enough about it to realize that most people would not really know the difference, and Digg the story anyways due to the sensational title. So, how was it that this guy knew that, but didn’t even think to check the place where he was submitting the story to see if they were doing the exact same thing?

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I know people don’t check their facts as much as they should these days, but come on! I mean, the guy actually had to have logged in at some point to post the story, didn’t he…? 😀

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