John Chow’s Latest Contest May Soon Be Overshadowed…

John Chow and BlueFur web hosting are holding what they are calling a contest, with the prize being a 24? wide screen LCD monitor. Near as I can tell, it’s more of a lottery than an actual contest, but who cares… I’m in.

The rules are simple enough. To enter all I have to do is to link to John’s blog using the phrase “make money“, and link to BlueFur’s website with “hosting Canada” as the anchor text. Now, how I’m going to grammatically fit that in without seeming cheesy I’m not sure yet, but hopefully it will come to me. After all, we wouldn’t want to make it obvious and draw attention to ourselves, lest Google point the Eye of Sauron it recently acquired (it was part of the Feedburner deal, honestly!), decide that merely entering the contest is a violation of their guidelines, and that good little children everywhere should report it as such.

Thing is, I’m thinking that the contest itself might get less attention than John is expecting, as soon as people realize that the drop in rankings that John experienced not too long ago, is now back. As I write this, John is now sitting at #70 for [make money online] (in case it changes, I have it saved here as well: [make money online (cached version)].

That’s right, it looks like when John claimed to have taken back the #1 rankings, he was actually just playing catch and release. I gotta say, very sportsman-like of you John. 😀

Due to the stir the first drop in rankings caused, it will be interesting to see if this one will overshadow the free 24″ LCD or not.

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