Google AdSense Team Thinks I’m Special!

So, I received an invitation today from the Google AdSense Team. Very attractive subject line, I must say:

Google AdSense Survey – Win $1,000

Followed up, of course, by a direct stroke to my ego:

We’re asking a select group of AdSense web publishers for their feedback on the AdSense program.

Oh, ok, wow… that kicks ass… I’m now part of a “select group”. How was I supposed to refuse that, knowing (as I do now) how special Google feels I am? 😀

The survey itself was fairly standard. Some of the questions were more generic, and some did allow for further explanation, although perhaps more room for notations could have been made. They did ask in the invitation email that I consider the survey as confidential (only the select few, remember), and not forward it on to anyone. For the most part I am going to respect this, and not discuss any of the questions that had to do with AdSense.

However, this I just have to share. At the very end, there was one final block of questions not pertaining to AdSense, but rather were directed about how we felt about Google itself. Now, some of the “Select Group Alumni” might have been aware of Google doing this on their AdSense surveys, but this was actually new to me.

Click to see full size image.

Three of the areas that they were asking me to rate stood out starkly against the others, for me anyways:

1) Is Google an: open communicator?

Do the words “Due to the proprietary nature of our algorithm” come to mind for anyone else, or is it just me…?

2) Is Google: arrogant?

Yes, it is true… somehow they actually neglected to disable the not at all option on this one. And finally:

3) Is Google: trustworthy?

I actually tried not to answer this one, since I had no clue how they would use it against me. Unfortunately, they required me to (nasty bold red message when I tried skipping it), and I really could use that $1,000, so I risked it. 😀

At the very least, this does let us know that Google actually listens and pays attention to the chatter about them that happens on all of the blogs and message boards we frequent on a daily basis. They know what the issues are, and that’s a start. Now the question is, will they do anything about the feedback they get?

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