My Friend Donna Fontenot Sure Is, Well… Different…

Louisiana Donna is definitely one of my bestest friends. She gets me, we think alike, and when I get stuck on an issue she’s always there to help me, even if it’s just moral support (although usually it’s in the form of information I need when my brain is just plain overloaded). I love her to death. Thing is, Donna is from Louisiana, and they don’t always do things in those parts in a way that I would call, um… normal.

For example, just today, Donna and I had the following conversation:

dazzlindonna says: bought my $1 raffle ticket at the fair. lots of cool prizes (cash, furniture, tv, etc) but there’s one I really want to win – a Pink Camo Rifle – I mean, how cool would that be?
Michael VanDeMar says: heh!
Michael VanDeMar says: Great, if you’re trying to hide in a herd of flamingos!

See, I knew about the fair. I even knew that a Louisiana fair weren’t the same as most of the fairs I’ve been to (for instance, I had never even heard of cracklins before Donna explained to me what they are…). But a pink camo rifle…?

Well, ok. To each their own. So, Donna, just in case you don’t win, here’s what you would look like with one of those:

They will *never* see me hiding in here!

Enjoy! 😀

5 thoughts on “My Friend Donna Fontenot Sure Is, Well… Different…”

  1. I’m with u Donna – if I have to wear disgusting green camoflage clothing and tromp around out in the woods wihtout a HANDBAG – i better have a pink rifle 🙂


  2. OMG, I’m so glad I wasn’t drinking anything before I saw that picture!

    This had me giggling! I can just see DD sportin’ that pink camo rifle….. “Visit my Blog & Subscribe or ELSE!”

  3. I’ve only exchanged pleasantries with Donna online and haven’t met her personally, but with my perception of her as having a feisty streak, knowing that she lives in Louisiana and the fact that she is consistently exposed to the ridiculous drama of the SEO world, I don’t think it would be difficult to envision her going postal on a flock of pink flamingos one day while screaming – “Die Bitches!”. In fact, that could be a good stress reliever. 🙂

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