Matt Cutts Says: Paid Ads *Are* A Type Of Search

As many of you know, Andy Beard has been out of the posting loop lately, due to being preoccupied with moving. Luckily he did manage to get in a much needed review of Matt Cutts post on paid links.

I stumbled across the post last night, and I saw a quote by Matt Cutts that caught my attention a bit:

“Are users also eager to see sponsored link posts ahead of all other results as well?”

Lisa, we do think of ads as a type of search and try to show the most relevant ads we can (not just the ones where the advertiser is willing to pay the most).

I gotta tell you, personally I’m glad to know that sponsored results like the ones shown here aren’t all about the money:

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

Nice to see Google must have a healthy dose of good old fashioned sick humor as well. 😀

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