Pulled Post…

Today I posted a piece that made fun of online romances, something that I generally always take with a grain of salt due to having observed them in all of their forms over the many years I have been online. The one thing that they all have in common is drama, and an abundance of it at that. So from my point of view I regard them as digital Dr. Phil episodes at their best, and Geraldo Rivera exposes at their worst… and open to commentary and examination when publicly conducted.

With this particular post, however, I named names (and showed photos) where perhaps I shouldn’t have. I also forget at times that while the influence of factors such as online addiction may indeed blow things, and feelings, slightly out of proportion, to those experiencing them they are nonetheless real. So, I have removed the post from public view.

Quick note to the majority of those indignant about the post and feeling free to lay judgment on my moral stature… you’re still wrong (well, most of you, anyways), and it’s not for (or indeed, because of) you that I remove this material.

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