From: Da Law Offices Of Vinny and Guido, Esquires

To: Mr. Patrick Curl
From: Da Law Offices Of Vinny and Guido, Esquires
Regardings, as it were: Your Joke on one Mr. Darren Rowse

Dear Mr. Patrick,

Listen ups. Recently it has come to our attentions dat yous decided ta play what yous thought would be a funny on our dear friend, one Mr Darren Rowse. Yous thought, what? Dat by smearing Mr Rowses reputation, and disrespecting the good name the man has built ups for himself, dat yous could make a few peoples laugh at your jokes, maybe gain a link or twos in da process? Buddy, let me assure you that me and my associate Guido, we doesn’t think dat was all dat funny, now was it? Yous should knows dat the good Mr Rowse, he has friends, important people, people who might not like hearing what yous said about him, know what I mean?

So Mr Patrick, we (and by we, I mean Mr. Guido and myself), we feels dat yous, as da responsible blogger we knows yous to bees, should make repair-ations to the kindly Mr Rowse, all quick like. Should you choose to ignores dis communications, let me assure yous Mr. Patrick, da next time you hears from us it won’t be so friendly-like, if yous catch my drift.

Mr. Vincent Tesertollini,
and his brother Guido
Esquire type fellas.

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