Did Kevin Rose Join A Gang???

Kevin Rose tossing a gang sign. Last night in New York, social media giant Digg took over the Studio B nightclub, for an Internet Week New York party. In the midst of all the reveling, Party-goer and CNET blogger Caroline McCarthy managed to snap the photo above, of what appears to be Digg founder Kevin Rose tossing some sort of gang sign to the camera.

Expert analysis has revealed that particular sign to most likely belonging to the mysterious Dancing Bull gang, as indicated by the forefinger and pinkie forming the horns of the bull, and the… um… two dancing legs underneath.

New York is of course famous for it’s gang activity, as anyone who has ever watched Gangs Of New York certainly knows. However, this is the first evidence we have received that gangs might in fact be actively recruiting young billionaires into their ranks.

Below is an one artists’ conception of what Mr. Rose might look like with his new gang tattoos:

Artist conception of Kevin Rose with gang tats.



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