Poopfree what? WTF?

Yesterday, I wrote an email which included words like “cluck” and “chicken” in it. I then sent it off to some friends. When I got a reply back, and I opened it up in Gmail, I noticed the ad that Google served based on the content of my email. Here’s a screenshot of it. Really, it rendered me speechless, and well, I just think a picture is worth a thousand words.


WTF? A poop-free chicken waterer? What??? Wait, I don’t even want to know.

4 thoughts on “Poopfree what? WTF?”

  1. It must be an advertisement for an individual seeking work, a professional chicken waterer, who is trying to indicate that he/she won’t need to take bathroom breaks.

    Sounds great to me. Man I wish I had a chicken farm.

  2. As the proud owner of 6 chickens, a poop-free chicken waterer would be a welcome purchase for the chickens… They tend to pretty much sh*t everywhere, including in their food and in the watering can. You can suspend it from the ceiling to reduce the amount of crap in there (and they also kick the hay and dust in there, too).

    Curious what the ingenious technology is.

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