Google Loses $13 Billion Overnight – Bad Check Fees Adding Up?

Hot on the heels of Google AdSense checks reportedly bouncing, and as Google heads to Washington to defend it’s recent Doubleclick acquisition (which as we all know, is part of their attempt to buy the whole Internet), it now looks like Google has managed to lose $13 Billion… overnight. (Thanks to Nathan Weinberg of InsideGoogle for reporting on this.)

“Reuters called the earnings report “disappointing”.”

All of this, at this point, of course now begs the question… Google, what’s your credit score? Are the banks still sending you credit card offers in the mail…?

“Jeffrey Lindsay, analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein, says… “These guys have been spending like drunken sailors.””

So, it looks like Google plans of imminent World Domination that have been worrying people have been grossly over rated. Or at least under-funded. 😀

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