On Freedom Of Speech And Social Media (A Quick Note To Anonymous Commenters)

I understand that on occasion people like to give fake emails when posting a comment. If you are using your real identity and just paranoid that I am going to spam you (which, by the way, I’m not) and leave a false email address, well… it’s not like I am going to verify it anyways. If it happens every so often so be it. I’d rather you use a real one, of course, but I get it.

I also understand that sometimes people don’t want to use their real names when having discussions on the web. Most, in fact, go by some handle or another the majority of the time. When they do they usually use it pretty much everywhere, but if they like to switch it up for some reason or another here and there, or use another when commenting on this blog, well, that’s ok too.

Every once in a while there is someone who comes along who doesn’t even want their real IP known when commenting on this blog. Not sure why, since I am actually the only one who sees anyones IP address, but hey, to each his own paranoia… right?

Things on the web can get heated. It’s a fact. This blog is called Smackdown, and whatayaknow… they get heated here as well too. Occasionally people want to post things here that might have a somewhat angry tone. In general I am even ok with that, to an extent.

And, of course, not every comment on this blog is going to come from people with above average IQ’s or tons of experience. That’s just the nature of the web. People are people, and deserve a voice regardless of education or how closely their parents were related before getting married.


If you’re going to post an abusive comment towards another commenter on this blog that is off topic, has to do with a fight that started somewhere other than here, use a fake name, a fake email, hide your IP through a proxy, and post shit that on top of all that makes you simply look like you have the IQ of a turnip, then of course I will not approve your idiotic ranting comment. I have no interest in people commenting here who are abusive, pussies, and fucking morons all at the same time, tyvm.

If you feel this was directed towards you, and it makes you irate, well, then… it probably was.

Peace out, y’all. 🙂

2 thoughts on “On Freedom Of Speech And Social Media (A Quick Note To Anonymous Commenters)”

  1. I am new here and I also have a blog with lots of commenters and I surely understand your point. Rants are surely allowed especially if it has a very good point. This is a call to every commenter out there. Let’s all leave nice and valuable comments. Something that we can learn from. Have a nice day to all!

  2. I Love your writing! I have met paranoid people as you describe and do believe their IQ level is sometimes/somehow related along with those who birthed them. There are many people who were brought up NOT to attach or to be lovable. I have met these people and they have the ability to influence the non-paranoid to BE paranoid oddly enough. If one believes in and lives by their convictions they should be confident enough to be honest. Hip hip hooray to you, exposing those “bubble people”. Living vulnerably, honestly and compassionately may lead to exposure to some negative experiences but life is to be experienced!

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