My Mom Needed Me To Let The Plumber In While She Was At Work (True Story)

Complex bath mechanisms I work from my house and keep odd hours, so when a family member needs some sort of worker let into their house during the day I am often asked if I am available to do it. I don’t mind, we all live fairly close together, and it’s not that much of a hassle on most days. Tonight my mom called and asked me if I could let someone in to her place tomorrow to look at her tub, because it’s clogged. She’s tried Drano twice, poured boiling hot water in it, and even tried plunging it, all to no avail. I told her it would be no problem for me to let someone in.

A little while later I went into my own bathroom, and while in there happened to glance at my own tub…

I called her back and asked her how much water was in her tub. She said maybe an inch or so. I asked her to go look at it, and she informed me that she was already in there.

Me: “You know that little lever just below the spout? Is it pointed up, or down?”

My mom: “Up”

Me: “Push it down”

(silence… except for the sound of water draining from her tub…)

My mom: “Who the fuck put that up???”

At this point I can barely breathe because I am laughing so hard. She adds more water to the tub, just to make sure it actually is going down, and swears some more.

Me: “Mom, how long has your tub been ‘clogged’?”

My mom: “A week”

I lost it. I’m still giggling as I write this. During her extensive cussing she tried to get me to swear never to tell a soul, but I just had to share. 😀

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Bathtub drain image attribution goes to warrenski.

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