Write A Bad Check: Bond $1,500… Possession Of Cocaine: Bond $5 Bucks. Wtf?

Ok, so, thats $2,000 for illegally parking. Oh, and another $5 for the 3 kilos of cocaine in your trunk. Have a nice day. I live in Largo, FL, which is located in Pinellas County. People and the way things work aren’t always what you would call “normal” around here. Not sure if it’s the incessant heat, or something they put in the water, or the fact that we live within shouting distance of Scientology Central (which is located in Clearwater). Either way, for whatever the reason, sometimes things just aren’t right around these parts.

I swear, you can only find this stuff in the St. Petersburg, FL area. Someone showed me this recently on the Pinellas County Jail Inmate search:

Bad Check: Bond $1,500... Possession Of Cocaine: Bond $5 Bucks

From: http://www.pcsoweb.com/Inmate/

I mean, seriously, wtf?

Original ticket writing officer attribution goes to Qfamily.

5 thoughts on “Write A Bad Check: Bond $1,500… Possession Of Cocaine: Bond $5 Bucks. Wtf?”

  1. Passing bad checks is fraud and damages the whole monetary system. Possession a small amount of cocaine for personal use hurts no one save possibly the possessor themselves. Honestly I think five dollars bond is excessive. They shouldn’t even be arrested in the first place.

  2. This would be bad if word gets out to cocaine users.

    “They don’t care about cocaine, they care about crack.” – HUH?? They are essentially the same!

  3. The first comment by end failed drug policy is a terrible outlook on drugs. Drugs even for personal use hurt those around them. How much crime is done by coke users in order to support their habit. And how much do they hurt others around them. The Bond should be at least equal to if not greater than the bad check bond fee.

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