We’re Saved! Rand Fishkin Gonna Tell Google How It Is!

So, in the wake of Rand screwing up yet again, a bright shining ray of hope has at last emerged. No more must we webmasters huddle in fear of Google spanking us for doing what we have full right to do anyways. No more will people like Michael Gray, Rae Hoffman, or Andy Beard need to worry their little ole heads about the issue of Google trying to dictate how we can or cannot monetize our websites. Finally, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief, and stop worrying about it once and for all!

How can I make such a bold statement of hope, you might ask? Well, the days of FUD are drawing to an end, my friends, because Rand Fishkin is on the job!

I’ll definitely let MC and team know that I think it’s a mistake to penalize sites for something that’s nearly impossible for them to know is wrong, and yeah, I’d be happy to take up the issues of those sites directly with engineers. – Rand Fishkin, our savior

Oh, verily, Oh joy, Hoo-fucking-rah, the Cavalry has arrived. Hey, Rand, while you’re at it, mind having a word with G.W.B* as well, put him in his place…?


*That’s “Dubya”, for my overseas friends. 😀

5 thoughts on “We’re Saved! Rand Fishkin Gonna Tell Google How It Is!”

  1. I guess it’s all fixed then and those outed sites can rest easy.

    phweww! That was a close one.

    I just checked, and Google still has the ‘report paid links’ in their webmaster tools, I wonder when they’ll remove that? Or did Rand forget to mention that?

  2. Well, to be fair, Matt hasn’t posted in a few days, and did claim he was rather busy in his last post. Perhaps he took the emergency Rand Hotline Phone off the hook for a couple of days. Everyone needs a little time to themselves here and there.

    I say we give it a little more time.

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