I Finally Figured Out Who Jason Calacanis Reminds Me Of

In all of the discussions and posts about Jason Calacanis, whenever and wherever he replied to people calling him on his bullshit, it always had the same tired familiar ring to it. His statements have that tone that all scam artists and con men have utilized throughout the ages, professing their innocence despite the preponderance of evidence against them. Finally it hit me who it is that he sounds like when he is trying to defend his spammy sites…

Jason -I am not a spammer- Calacanis

Thanks to James Cook of the TOONrefugee Cartoon Blog for the cartoon of Jason as Nixon. The image is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any format without his permission.

2 thoughts on “I Finally Figured Out Who Jason Calacanis Reminds Me Of”

  1. two thumbs up that one!!!

    Not only is he spammy with his sites hes also doing the same thing to Leo Laporte’s TWIT.tv network. JC is using the “this week in” in his show name confusing possible sponsors of Leo’s shows.

    JC is just slimey, karma will catch up with him…

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