*Proof* That The New SEOmoz Tool Is At Least Half Accurate

There has been quite of bit of controversy over the past few days arising from the new LDA based tool recently released by SEOmoz. While there may have been some very well thought out, compelling arguments against giving this tool any credit whatsoever, I have to tell you that in my opinion no argument, no matter how well worded, is going to win over a good old fashioned demonstration.

I am a big one for testing, and test this tool I did. Now, I know, I may have voiced some opinions in the past as to my doubt of the sincerity of Rand Fishkin and the folks who run things over at SEOmoz, but regardless of what I said before, for me seeing is definitely believing. I plugged both the url for the post introducing the tool itself, along with the phrase [made up statistical bullshit], into the tool’s interface, and sure as hell this is what the tool showed me:


Well, the tool was half right...
(click to enlarge)


I mean, c’mon now… those words weren’t used anywhere in the article, yet this tool was able to accurately determine that at least half* of everything that Rand said was relevant to that phrase?

I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced. 😀


* and yes, I know, the tool guessed numbers that were way low compared to the actual quantity of bullshit in the article, but seriously… you know as well as I do that any tool that can automatically detect even trace amounts of bullshit in a post is going to be a game changer. 😛

9 thoughts on “*Proof* That The New SEOmoz Tool Is At Least Half Accurate”

  1. Yer a funny man Michael… a damned funny man. I saw the tweet (to the post) and headed over right away with the belief that I’d find a morning giggle. Ye didn’t dissapoint as always. Kudos!

    BTW I also got some more out of my system here; http://seobullshit.com/lda-google-games/

    Thnx for the laugh brother… always appreciated!

  2. Michael… the correlation is remarkable

    That Wikipedia data sure does improve the accuracy.

    Maybe they should try scraping Mahalo for their next data set?

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