Why SEOmoz Needs A “For Entertainment Purposes Only” Disclaimer

Note to all the more delicate members of my audience: you might want to consider reading this instead: “Why Rand Is Wrong About The ‘Twelve Attributes’, Part 2 – The Touchy-Feely Version“. All others, please feel free to continue here.

Some people have mentioned to me that they think at times I might be a little harsh in my posts. This may be somewhat true on occasion. What I try very hard not to be, however, is sloppy or nonfactual. Yes, sometimes I can be wrong… but at least I do try to thoroughly research my material. I cite sources. I do careful evaluations. Maybe terribly busy CEO’s don’t have time for such nit-picky crap as fact checking, or thinking about what they write, or making sure they don’t say one thing in one place and imply the opposite in another. If that is the case, then maybe they just shouldn’t blog.

The fraudulent mediums act (1951) states:

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Rand Fishkin & The Troll Defense

A couple of weeks ago, Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz posted a piece entitled, “You’re Not On The List“, designed to educate the public as to “why so many {directories} have little to no value”. This was following their release of a list, available only to SEOMoz Premium Members, of what SEOMoz had tagged as being quality directories. Basically it was designed to convince people that they would benefit from paying to have access to SEOMoz’s list, because the directories not on the list suck so badly.

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Supplemental Results, Paid Links, and Priorities Slightly Out Of Whack

I was hanging out over at Matt Cutts’ blog today, where the subject at hand was SEO Tip: Avoid Keyword Stuffing. The discussion centered around a site that was blatantly stuffing keywords on its pages, and happened to get banned by Google. The conversation turned, as conversation tend to do, to other penalties sites suffer, and how not all sites that were penalized actually deserved them.

My attention was caught by a comment by Aaron Pratt, of SEO Buzz Box, having to do with the penalty of Supplemental Pages:

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Google’s New ConSextual Advertising Program

So, according to the FishSEO blog, it looks like Google has decided to continue to allow companies to monetize their parked adult themed domain names. I, for one, am thrilled (as I am sure most other advertisers of non-adult themed businesses are). Now, in addition to getting traffic to my finance related sites from domains like www.getmorewidgets.com and www.thepsychicofsedona.com, I can look forward to what I am sure will be well converting traffic from people who happen to land on high quality sites such as, get ready, www.jerkfest.org.

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It is ON, baby!

Apparently, I have no friends. I know this, because no one is linking to my blog. Now, you might be inclined to point out that no one could possibly be linking to my blog as of yet, since before today my blog didn’t actually exist… but that would make you guilty of using reason and attempting to make sense, using facts to your advantage, if you will. Behavior such as this just will not do.

See, the way I discovered that the lack of anyone linking to me must mean that I am a friendless loser was through

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