We’re Saved! Rand Fishkin Gonna Tell Google How It Is!

So, in the wake of Rand screwing up yet again, a bright shining ray of hope has at last emerged. No more must we webmasters huddle in fear of Google spanking us for doing what we have full right to do anyways. No more will people like Michael Gray, Rae Hoffman, or Andy Beard need to worry their little ole heads about the issue of Google trying to dictate how we can or cannot monetize our websites. Finally, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief, and stop worrying about it once and for all!

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Why SEOmoz Needs A “For Entertainment Purposes Only” Disclaimer

Note to all the more delicate members of my audience: you might want to consider reading this instead: “Why Rand Is Wrong About The ‘Twelve Attributes’, Part 2 – The Touchy-Feely Version“. All others, please feel free to continue here.

Some people have mentioned to me that they think at times I might be a little harsh in my posts. This may be somewhat true on occasion. What I try very hard not to be, however, is sloppy or nonfactual. Yes, sometimes I can be wrong… but at least I do try to thoroughly research my material. I cite sources. I do careful evaluations. Maybe terribly busy CEO’s don’t have time for such nit-picky crap as fact checking, or thinking about what they write, or making sure they don’t say one thing in one place and imply the opposite in another. If that is the case, then maybe they just shouldn’t blog.

The fraudulent mediums act (1951) states:

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Finally, PROOF that Google does, in fact, own Feedburner!

Maybe it was just denial that made me reject the reality of Google buying Feedburner, but as of today I guess I can no longer do this. It was real, it wasn’t a dream, the proof is in the pudding, as they say.

It looks like a large number of people today lost all Feedburner subscribers, in all of their blogs:

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Announcing Login LockDown – A New Security Plugin for WordPress

Just a quick note to let people know about Login LockDown, a new plugin I wrote for WordPress and have put out for download on Bad Neighborhood Tools website. Basically what the plugin does is it restricts the number of times someone trying to log in can put in the incorrect password in a short period, preventing someone (or some bot) from continually trying different passwords until it gets the correct one.

More information can be gotten from the Bad Neighborhood Blog

Rand Fishkin & The Troll Defense

A couple of weeks ago, Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz posted a piece entitled, “You’re Not On The List“, designed to educate the public as to “why so many {directories} have little to no value”. This was following their release of a list, available only to SEOMoz Premium Members, of what SEOMoz had tagged as being quality directories. Basically it was designed to convince people that they would benefit from paying to have access to SEOMoz’s list, because the directories not on the list suck so badly.

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