Supplemental Results, Paid Links, and Priorities Slightly Out Of Whack

I was hanging out over at Matt Cutts’ blog today, where the subject at hand was SEO Tip: Avoid Keyword Stuffing. The discussion centered around a site that was blatantly stuffing keywords on its pages, and happened to get banned by Google. The conversation turned, as conversation tend to do, to other penalties sites suffer, and how not all sites that were penalized actually deserved them.

My attention was caught by a comment by Aaron Pratt, of SEO Buzz Box, having to do with the penalty of Supplemental Pages:

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Bush Scheduled To Get Colonoscopy From Nationally Renowned Neurologist

It was announced today that on Saturday President Bush will undergo a “routine” colonoscopy. It was determined at this time, due to the bizarre events surrounding the president’s desire to axe Big Bird and invade Sesame Street, that perhaps it would be best if this procedure were carried out by a qualified neurologist.

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Google Loses $13 Billion Overnight – Bad Check Fees Adding Up?

Hot on the heels of Google AdSense checks reportedly bouncing, and as Google heads to Washington to defend it’s recent Doubleclick acquisition (which as we all know, is part of their attempt to buy the whole Internet), it now looks like Google has managed to lose $13 Billion… overnight. (Thanks to Nathan Weinberg of InsideGoogle for reporting on this.)

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